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The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz

While watching The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz I couldn’t help but wondering how Daniel Day-Lewis would fare in playing the role of Blatz himself and I also couldn’t help but thinking that Armin Wiebe, the writer of the play, … Continue reading

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To Seek a Publisher or to Self-Publish, That is the Question…

Although I am not at all in a situation to have any of my work published or filmed…or even read by someone other than myself, up and coming authors who may not have any funds or resources or contacts have … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #11

Pauline Kael It is hard to narrow down why exactly it happened, if the readers just lost interest or the people involved did (the latter seems highly unlikely) or if the dawn of the Internet age caused it, but for … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #10

The Maltese Falcon I am somewhat ashamed to say that I am that film student that hasn’t seen some of the movies that people assume I’ve seen.  Scarface…well I’ve seen some…Metropolis…well it’s on my pvr…The Maltese Falcon…look I’m only one … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #8

Okay, does this qualify as conceited if I include my short story as a Cool Thing? It’s for the sake of organization damn it! Anyways, I wrote this story for a creative writing class of mine and think it could … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #3

Ever heard of Roberto Bolaño? No? Shame on you! Okay, maybe that’s being a little harsh, but if you’re an avid reader (and you should be) Roberto Bolaño is an author that you’re going to want to check out asap! … Continue reading

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