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Cool Thing #15: It’s Been A Helluva Week To Be A Gamer…

Hey all, some seriously wicked trailers have come out this week for some of 2011’s most highly anticipated games…so I’ll let the videos do the talking. LA Noire – Release Date: May. 17/2011 Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Release Date: … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #14: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and the Life of Study

The main articles of discussion here at The Kiosk usually involve movies, video games, music, culture, etc.  Well there is more to us, a more intellectual, if not brooding side.  A side that contemplates virtue and the meaning of our … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #13: An Old Fashioned Night at the Movies

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ve got a bone to pick.  I am an avid film-goer who ventures to the movie theater weekly (often times more so) to watch the newest releases from the big guns (20th Century Fox, … Continue reading

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Cool Thing #12

Flynn Lives! With the release of Tron: Legacy this past December, it is interesting to look back on the “Flynn Lives” ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to see what exactly it accomplished, and how far its creators pushed the ficticious world … Continue reading

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