Cool Thing #7

Blu-ray Retro Week

This has been a big week for us fans of contemporary classics because two of films biggest franchises saw their first ever Blu-ray releases, Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy, and the Alien Anthology.

Oh DeLorean, how I burn for you.

Simply put, Back to the Future is one of the most delightful and consistent trilogies in film history.  Michael J. Fox is an absolute riot to watch, and well Christopher Lloyd became a bit of an icon following the films.

The blu-ray is loaded with hours of all new featurettes, documentaries, etc, while almost all of the standard dvd’s features have been ported over as well.

For less than $50, the Back to the Future: 25th Anniversay Trilogy is a cool thing.

Check out for their review.

Nothing a nice big hug won't cure.

And now onto the beast.  Not sure about anyone else, but I still haven’t even finished watching the previous DVD release of the Alien Quadrilogy as there was close to 10,000 hours of special features on there (slight exaggeration maybe, but not too slight).  For those fortunate few that did however, this set has all those features plus hours upon hours more!

Although the quality of the two films after Aliens often leaves much to be desired, they each are worth watching in all their hd glory.  Alien 3 is quite an interesting beast as well considering all the drama going on behind the scenes with David Fincher and the studio executives, this release has the documentary on the making of the film uncut (finally!).

With great content comes a great price however, and the Alien Anthology can run consumers anywhere between $80 and $100.

Either way, you get what you paid for in spades and the Alien Anthology is definitely a cool thing.

Check out for their in-depth review of all these sets plus more!


About Tim Horn

I have recently acquired a degree in Film Studies at the University of Manitoba and am now enrolled in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Film, Literature, Music, Comic Books, and Video Games. These are the things that feed my brain and keep me sane.
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4 Responses to Cool Thing #7

  1. Kenton says:

    Back to the Future part III wears out its welcome in the old west – but I sure love the first two.

  2. Probably going to pick up Back to the Future set although I really don’t like 2 or 3. Good price though. I can’t see buying Alien anthology. Too expensive and 3 and Resurrection (?) really aren’t worth it. I’ll wait to buy Alien and Aliens individually. Maybe only Alien as that movie is brilliant.

  3. homer says:

    Cool things.

    I’m not sure if you’ve used it before, Tim, but is also a good site for blu-ray reviews.

  4. Tim Horn says:

    @homer Yeah dude, great site. Best part is how they have a separate category for HD exclusive content.

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