Cool Thing #5

Miami Vice

Starring: Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx

Written and Directed by: Michael Mann

Not sure about anyone else but I love Michael Mann’s Miami Vice.  In fact I have this poster of the movie hanging over my head, as a constant reminder of what cool means:


I look at this before bed every night...


Anyways, Michael Mann was the television series’s executive producer, so who better than him to direct the film?  The film is a much darker re-imagining of the show, but definitely does not lack the cool factor that the original show had.

I’ll let the trailer do the rest of the talking, but if anyone wants to chat about the movie, maybe have an educated disagreement over it, just leave a comment and we’ll have at it!

Have a great weekend!


About Tim Horn

I have recently acquired a degree in Film Studies at the University of Manitoba and am now enrolled in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Film, Literature, Music, Comic Books, and Video Games. These are the things that feed my brain and keep me sane.
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2 Responses to Cool Thing #5

  1. Melanie Lee Lockhart says:

    Judging by the trailer, the movie looks much cooler than the TV show was.

  2. It’s been a long time since I last saw Michael Mann’s Miami Vice but I thought both it, and the relatively recent Public Enemies, were a step backwards for Mann after his previous directing effort Collateral. I will give it to ya that it’s a good poster.

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