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Cool Thing #1

Cineplex’s “Classic Film Series” begins tonight.

Tonight (Sept. 8/2010) Silver City Polo Park played the first of many classic films which will be showcased in Cineplex’s “Classic Film Series.”  Every month up until (and including) August 2011, Silver City Polo Park (check online for the closest participating Cineplex/Silver City location if you do not live in Manitoba) will be playing a digitally restored (it looks like these will be the blu-ray discs projected on the big screen) print of one of Hollywood’s greatest films.

Each film will be shown twice throughout their respective month, once on a select Wednesday at 7 pm and then again on a select Sunday at 1 pm!

This months classic…Casablanca!

Tonight’s showing of Casablanca appeared to be all but sold out, and believe me, this is the kind of movie you have to experience on the big screen with a big crowd of excited movie goers.  The first time Bogart and Bergman appeared on-screen the audience gasped with excitement (and likely jealousy as well). And all our hearts melted into one when Bogart first said to Bergman, “Here’s looking at you kid.”

These are the kinds of movies that send chills throughout every audience member, the kinds of movies that stir the crowd into applause, and much credit should be given to Cineplex for setting up a series such as this.  On top of that tickets are only five dollars (taxes in)!

For those of you who missed out on tonight’s showing of Casablanca, Silver City Polo Park will be replaying it on Sunday, September 26th at 1pm sharp!

Throughout the months we here at the Kiosk will be doing our best to attend each and every classic film played and we’d love to see all our readers out at the movie theaters to experience these films the way they were intended.

Cineplex’s “Classic Film Series,” it’s a cool thing.

P.S. Here is a link to Cineplex’s official online page for their “Classic Film Series,” here you can view all the film’s show times, one sheets, summaries, etc.



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I have recently acquired a degree in Film Studies at the University of Manitoba and am now enrolled in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Film, Literature, Music, Comic Books, and Video Games. These are the things that feed my brain and keep me sane.
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